Sometime in the year 2000, I participated in a past life regression session with some other friends in Athens. One of the past life regressions that day, that had a heavy influence on my current life, was when I saw myself as a native Indian woman, somewhere in Kansas, USA. The period was definitely in the 1800’s. I was able to see moments from my childhood as a little girl. I had long plaits in my hair, and I was living in a tent which was constructed of materials and sticks and poles, my name was Lyn. We were eating Buffalo and I could see my face in a small mirror. Later in that life I was married, and we had two children, a boy and a girl. I was very active inside our village/camp, helping women during childbirth and helping the ‘medicine man’ with his medicines made up into liquid forms to help and treat people. I was aware that there were battles between our native Indian Warriors and soldiers, outside our camp.

I was also aware, that at the time of my death aged 101 years old, everybody was dancing and were very happy, around a pile of wood and fire where my body was being burned. This experience was very intense, so much so, that as I saw my body burning in that life, I felt the heat and similar sensations on my body, especially my face, in this life, during the regression.

After my death, following the directions of the instructor, I found myself in a place to reprogram my life and find out the challenges and talents and purposes of life, for my current life. I was in a big room with another seven ‘light beings’ and we were discussing my life’s issues. As I was being brought back to ‘awareness’, I saw the purpose of my current life and that was: Extended ways of healing.

Also, during this experience, I discovered my wife in this life was my husband in that previous life. This explains the instant recognition that we felt we knew each other when we met for the first time. My children in this life too, were my children in that same previous life, but reversed gender.

I certified the purpose of my current life and after that I felt much happier and much more fulfilled and satisfied. I let go of the fear of death, subconsciously and consciously. Looking in the mirror I felt I was looking 10 to 15 years younger. It was a very transformative experience and after that I was not the same person. I saw life from a different perspective, I felt that I am immortal and eternal. It was a click and uplift in my consciousness, and I did not feel the pressure of time anymore or to have to achieve external projects or goals within time limits. Definitely something changed inside me.

After such an experience you gain some ‘so called’ reference points and you put a little stone on your spiritual house.

I saw a life where I was an important person and helped people, a carer.