A Place Of Healing, Peace, And Wellness.

Welcome to our center of Alternative Therapies, Self Knowledge and Self Improvement. We are located near Gouvia on the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece.

Situated in a quiet rural area, within easy reach of the main town, and overlooking the Ionian Sea, with a view across to the Greek-Albanian Mountains.


Healthy Life

About Us

We Teach Your Body To Heal Itself

Our goal is to encourage self-healing using basic and effective techniques that re-enforce the natural life force energy that we are born with.

A relaxation and healing method
Solve problems from the past
Define and solve your issues
Learn how to relax and be healthy
Our Philosophy

“One thing I know is that I know nothing”

Our belief is that as human beings we are all equal and have the same value independent on religion, race, culture, or social status. Our aim is to help people find a way back to their real selves, and to become healthier and happier, using tools and methods of self-knowledge, self-improvement, and self-healing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our choices of alternative healing methods are used worldwide and we believe are very effective in promoting self-healing.

During a treatment blocked energy is released, the immune system is re-enforced and the energy centers are opened and balanced. Supressed feelings and emotions are released. All of this contributes to a self-healing process.

The number of sessions required depends on the seriousness of a problem. A simple or mild issue can be solved quickly. More serious problems will require a series of sessions over a period of time.

Our recommendations are:

Between 1st and 2nd degree Usui Reiki usually it is 3 months.

Between the 2nd degree and Practitioner/Master levels usually it is 1 year.

(These time periods can be either reduced or increased depending on how a person absorbs the energy and their practice.)

From completing the Usui Reiki programme to beginning the Karuna Reiki® it is usually about 6-12 months.

By altering the consciousness of an event or memory during a regression, you let go of attachments, fears and other negative affections surrounding this experience.

It can also help you to let go of the fear of death.

It can help to improve relationships.

It helps to discover the purpose of your life.

It helps to discover hidden talents.