It was sometime in the year 1997. My wife and I had just finished our second degree Usui Reiki seminar and we were practising using the symbols of the second degree which are very powerful and transformative. During our practice time, following a program, we were giving treatments to each other as well as doing our own self-treatments. After a while, on a visit to our teacher at her farm in Corfu, I had an overwhelming, so-called ‘healing crisis’, brought on with the help of the energy of Reiki. Suddenly I was crying loudly and spontaneously, and it was difficult to stop it. I felt that my autonomous nervous system took over and brought to the surface subconscious scenaria and programmes from my childhood, releasing suppressed feelings. After this experience I felt a weight had been lifted from all my bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). I felt a click in consciousness and my energies were balanced, while new feelings of love and compassion infused inside me, I felt more happy, confident, and secure.

Rieki is a unique method for releasing blocks of energy and replacing them with positive energy patterns. It opens and balances the energy centers (Chakras) of the body. This is a simple, practical method and effective in becoming healthier, happier, and relaxed.