Reach the subconscious

Therapeutic hypnosis is a very popular and useful method for solving problems from the past or childhood by recognition, acceptance and replacing old information with new. It is also the perfect method to overcome addictions, phobias, limited beliefs and other issues.

The idea behind hypnosis is to be able to reach the subconscious level of the mind without the interruption of conscious thoughts getting in the way.

All forms of hypnosis are self-hypnosis, and the individual is always aware of the environment and what is going on around them. The individual has free-will to change what they want to change and can choose to come out of the process anytime they want by just opening their eyes, or stretching, or speaking. The hypnotist is acting only as an intermediate to assist and guide in the process and not to act as a controller.

This is a very natural process, and all of us are in a natural hypnotic state at some time during a busy day. For example, when we read a book or when we sit and relax or wander off into a daydream, or even whilst walking.

An individuals progress depends on the person’s:
  • Readiness
  • Consciousness
  • Own degree of self-knowledge
  • Level of spirituality
Ways to do a Therapeutic Hypnosis:
  • Deep relaxation
  • Choice of hypnotic techniques

With these techniques the person can relax and have access to the subconscious mind (alpha or theta brain waves) with the intention to heal their self.

An issue might be solved immediately or it might require more sessions.

Hypnosis today is scientifically approved and fully accepted by the Scientific Community.

Sessions can be done in English or Greek

A Therapeutic Session includes:

  • Pre-discussion – reasons and aim.
  • Therapy session (background music is optional)
  • Conclusive discussion and results.
  • Full session time is between 1½ – 2 hours.
  • Sessions are available Monday to Friday through an appointment system; if you would prefer an alternative time or day please contact us direct.
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