Discuss in a safe and confidential environment

Counselling means advice, guidance and defining a solution to an issue by listening and discussing in a safe, supportive, confidential and relaxed environment.

Certain issues can be solved just by talking them through. Some others can be solved by use of other recommended alternative methods.

Benefits of counselling
  • Open doorways to a new life, new ideas and new choices.
  • Discover and heal reasons behind fears, phobias, stress and anxiety.
  • Remove emotional and mental blocks that can inhibit from moving forward.
  • Improve relationships with others but more importantly with oneself.

Counselling session:

Each session is for 1 hour

Sessions are available Monday to Friday through an appointment system; if you would prefer an alternative time or day please contact us direct.

Sessions can be done in English or Greek

(first introductory session is free)

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