Time for relaxation and healing

A treatment is performed by the practitioner laying the hands on the body and initiating the energy to flow through their hands and into the client’s body. This flow of energy may be felt by the client as any type of sensation such as heat or vibration. The practitioner may use Reiki symbols to enhance the treatment. A Reiki treatment supports the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki can be administered very simply in all kinds of settings for example at home, a clinic or hospital and any other suitable environment.

Usui Reiki sessions can heal current or past issues.

Karuna Reiki® also heals current and past issues but on a deeper level.

Sometimes one treatment is enough to solve a basic problem or even just for complete relaxation.

For more serious issues generally a series of treatments is necessary to achieve deeper and permanent results. An example would be:

  • 1st week – 5 sessions
  • 2nd week – 4 sessions
  • 3rd week – 3 sessions
  • Following weeks 1-2 sessions, if needed, depending on progress

Reiki sessions are available Monday to Friday through an appointment system; if you would prefer an alternative time or day please contact us direct.

Reiki Session

A full client treatment takes about 90 minutes

(Clients are encouraged to come to a session wearing comfortable clothing, without accessories or jewelry and to avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, meat, sugary drinks etc., for at least 2-3 days before.)

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