The Reiki of Compassion and Deeper Healing

Karuna Reiki® is the Reiki of Compassion, Self Knowledge and Self Improvement.

Karuna energy is more powerful and stronger compared to the Usui energy. The energy goes deeper and heals on cellular level. Issues that require healing can be healed quickly and gently without the person being aware and without them having to face or relive difficult past or current experiences. The Karuna Reiki® energy brings up to the surface any issue that needs to be healed, which is then acknowledged, treated and then released. The Karuna Reiki® energy is a transformative energy. It heals on the cellular level, transforming the blocked energy of a particular issue, creating a permanent change. Karuna Reiki® helps our bodies to recognize and release old patterns and habits. With Usui Reiki we learn how to work with our reiki guides and other enlightened beings, Karuna Reiki® reinforces the relationship with our guides and the enlightened beings. The attunements in Karuna Reiki® system are more powerful than those in the Usui system. All unnecessary limited beliefs and energy blocks are changed. Karuna Reiki® energy is more accurate and focused and more direct to the point.

The Karuna Reiki® system consists of 12 symbols

Karuna Reiki® uses symbols which work the same basic way as the Usui Reiki symbols. They are keys that activate the different frequencies of healing energy available in Karuna Reiki®.    The four symbols of the Master level, that are used in the attunement process.

The symbols of the first level:

  • Zonar: This is a good symbol to use at the beginning of a treatment as it prepares the client to receive deep healing. It also reduces or eliminates the pain associated with emotional healing by creating a kind of spiritual anesthetic effect. Zonar heals on cellular level. Heals past life and karmic issues.
  • Halu: This symbol works in many ways like Zonar but on a much deeper and more powerful level. Halu does not replace Zonar but complements it, just as Reiki enhances all other healing modalities Zonar complements Halu. Heals unconscious patterns and the shadow self. Heals sexual and physical abuse issues. Dispels psychic and psychological attack. Halu is a powerful healing tool.
  • Harth: This symbol heals the heart and all issues relating to the heart. It can also be used to fill in a healed area with love where negative energy or blocks have been removed. Harth helps heal relationships. Develops good habits. Heals addictions. Harth helps to develop compassionate action and to have contact with spiritual beings.
  • Rama: This symbol is used for grounding. It is excellent to use at the end of a session. Rama heals the lower chakras. Clears the mind. Clears a room of negative energies. Harmonizes upper chakras with lower chakras. Creates determination and completion. Manifests material goals. Completes a session.

The symbols of the second level:

  • Gnosa: This symbol heals the mind and links you more strongly with the Higher Self. Gnosa connects the higher self with lower self. Improves learning ability. Heals communication. Increases creativity.
  • Kriya: This is used for physical manifestation and for healing the human race. Kriya is used for grounding the energies, for the manifestation of goals and for the creation of goals in life.
  • Iava: This symbol helps you break free from others expectations and projections and take back your power so you can create your life the way you want it to be. Iava heals the co-dependence. Heals reality awareness, empowers your goals and heals the earth.
  • Shanti: This symbol brings peace and creates trust in life. Heals insomnia. Heals fear and panic. Increases clairvoyance.

The four symbols of the master level (that are used in the attunement process are):

  • The Tibetan Master symbol Dai Ko Mio: This symbol is used to begin the attunement process. When used with the Karuna Reiki® energy Dai Ko Mio flows through the recipient connecting them to Mother Earth at the Earth star chakra. Thus it assists one in being centered and grounded in their spiritual purpose.
  • The Tibetan Fire Serpent: This symbol is used during the attunement process to join the chakras in preparation for the attunement. It can be used to join the chakras during a treatment or meditation. This prepares the recipient for the depth of the Karuna Reiki® energy.
  • Om: This is a Sanskrit symbol and is used in many eastern spiritual practices. It symbolizes the oneness that we are and connects us to it. Purifies, protects, seals and stabilizes the Aura. Opens the crown and when drawn above one’s head, opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness.
  • Usui Dai Ko Myo: This symbol is used primarily during the attunement process Karuna Reiki®. On occasion one may be guided to use it as a treatment symbol in Karuna Reiki® although it is usually used in Usui Reiki as a treatment symbol.
The creation of Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® was created by William Lee Rand and other healers at “The International Center of Reiki Training”, U.S.A. and follows on from Usui Reiki

  • “When taking the Karuna Reiki® master training, one becomes both a practitioner, able to use the energies for healing as well as a master, able to teach others. Karuna Reiki® has two levels and eight symbols. Each of the eight symbols brings with it a different frequency and a different way of helping the healing process. There is a symbol to reduce pain and prepare for deep healing, one to heal deeply, one to fill the client with love, one to ground, one to bring peace and so on. Having more symbols can be likened to a repair person who at first has only three or four tools to work with but then with increasing skill learns to work with a much larger number of tools and therefore is able to repair a wider range of problems and do it more quickly.” … taken from the original Karuna Reiki® manual.
  • All seminars include official manuals from the International Center for Reiki Training, U.S.A.
  • There is a registration process with the International Center for Reiki Training, U.S.A. for those that want to teach.

Become a Karuna Reiki® Practitioner or Teacher

Anyone wishing to follow Karuna Reiki® must first complete all the Usui Reiki degrees and have been a Master in Usui Reiki for at least six months.

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